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My name is Silvia Boudreaux and I am owner and creator of wreaths by silvia. 

I am very passionate in creating beautiful wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, and many other decorative accents for the home.


My goal is to create products that you will love. I take pride in my work and strive to make only well made products using quality supplies. Most of my signs are handmade cut out of real wood, painted and clear coated for longevity and durability. 

I love working with Grapevine, Florals, Deco Mesh, and Burlap.

In addition, I am very creative and love building things to help my business and storage of my supplies. So from time to time you will also see me sharing "HOW TO" ideas---for example, my very popular space saver Rotating FLOWER TREE stand, 

or my Rotating Ribbon/Craft Supply Tree stand. 

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